Infagon v5.1 - Download

The files on this page can be downloaded freely. They may not be redistributed in any way without a written permission of Mattic Software. By downloading software from the Mattic web site, you agree to the terms of the products license agreements.

Beta disclaimer

This is beta software. It is sure this software contains bugs. Only use this software for testing and viewing purpose. The software is provided as-is. Mattic Software cannot be held reposible for any direct or indirect damage following from the use of this software.


The default installation will not overwrite your existing Infagon version. Both versions can co-exist on the same system. Always remove a previous beta version before install the new version. To install a version download the executable and start it. Follow the instructions in the installation wizard.

System requirements

The software was tested and developed on the Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating system and has not yet been tested on other operating systems. No real problems are expected though.

Beta testing and reporting bugs

Since this is a public download every one can join the testing. Click here for more information about reporting bugs.

Most recent 5.1 build

Infagon v5.1.0.103 - Filename: Infagon51.exe - Filesize: 2.5 MB

Includes the features that where omitted in release 5.0:

  • IG import feature in the file menu.
  • Subtype matrix wizard feature in the task menu.
  • Documentation wizard in the task menu.

This installer includes the following modules:

  • Borland dBase 5.0 for Windows
  • Borland InterBase / Firebird SQL 6.x
  • Borland InterBase SQL 4.x
  • Borland Paradox 5.0 ObjectPAL
  • Ms SQL-Sever 6.0
  • Ms-Access 2.0
  • Ms-Access 7.0 / Ms-Access 95
  • Ms-Access 8.0 / Ms-Access 97
  • MySQL 5.0.3
  • Oracle 7
  • SQL'92
  • XML
  • IG Export (CSV) v1.3