Infagon v5.0 - Quick Tour

Some of the features are illustrated with screenshots. These features are marked with the word "Show". Click on this word to see the screenshot. When viewing the screenshot press backspace to return to this page.

The new features of Infagon v5.0 have been marked with "5.0". Some features are only available in the beta version of the product. These features have been marked with "5.1". Prototype features are marked with "PRO". These features are currently not available in any public release and are just shown for illustration purposes.


Object-Role Modelling case-tool.    
Supports FCO-IM (Fully Communication Oriented

Information Modeling) a powerfull ORM variant.



Unique generic repository for easy transformation of conceptual models.    
Open Architecture (repository structure is published and can be exported with population) show 1 show 2 show 3  
Repository Export to XML    
Extremely Fast Repository with expression cache.    
Multiple level rollback.    

Creating models

Unique Expression Interface. show  
Live updating of diagrams while analysing. (Very usefull for educational purposes). show  
Analysis of expressions using expression files. show  
Easy browsing of the information model through the expression viewer. show  
Drag-and-drop Diagramming interface (See "Diagrams") show  
Unicity constraint wizard. show 1 show 2 5.0
Totality constraint wizard. show 1 show 2 5.0
Subtype matrix wizard. show 1 show 2 5.1

Editing models

Splitting / Joining labeltypes. show 1 show 2 5.0
Replace Objecttype/Facttype wizard.   5.0
Lots of options to edit the information model. show 1 show 2  


Easy to use drag-and-drop diagram designer.    
Export diagrams to WMF or BMP format.    
Fully configurable diagrams. show 1 show 2 show 3  
Reuse of diagram styles. show  

Validating models

Validation of the conceptual model through automated checks. show  
Added the "Nominalisation" check.   5.0
Regenerate user communication from the information model. show  

Transforming models

Generation of databases in Optimal Normal Form (ONF) using the GLR algorithm. show  
Step-by-step tranformation. show 1 show 2 show 3 show 4  
Comment of the facttypes of roles that disapear during the transformation will be joined with the comment of the existing objects.   5.0
Easy editing of objectype/facttype and role properties through tabular editors. show 1 show 2 show 3 5.0

Large project support

Merging of models by importing a model into an existing model. show 5.1
Totality constraint drawn on the side of the role.   5.0
Expressions visible in columnfix and primary key editors.   5.0

Results - Entity Relationship Model

Entity Relationship Diagrams. show 1 show 2 PRO

Results - Relational Database Model

Automated generation of artificial key columns   5.0
Support for default values.   5.0
Automated transformation of an optional column to a required column using a value for the NULL state.   5.0
Plugin models for generation of databases show  
Plugin: SQL '92 (Supported by most major SQL databases) show  
Plugin: Oracle 7    
Plugin: MS SQL-Server 6.0    
Plugin: Firebird / Borland Interbase    
Plugin: MS-Access version 2, 7 (95) and 8 (97)    
Plugin: My SQL 5.0.3    
Plugin: Borland dBase 5    
Plugin: Borland Paradox 5    
Plugin: Default Application (See "Prototype Generation")    

Results - Object Oriented Model

Generation of example C++ files. (Just to prove it is possible). show 1 show 2  

Results - Documentation

Objecttype/Facttype documentation. show  
Table documentation. show  
Documentation wizard. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 5.1

Prototype generation

Generation of simple but fully functional prototype application, no additional development tools needed. show  

File and project management

Project manager to maintain project related files. show  
Create a copy of a complete project.   5.0