Infagon 5.0 - Download

The files on this page can be downloaded freely. They may not be redistributed in any way without a written permission of Mattic Software. By downloading software from the Mattic web site, you agree to the terms of the products license agreements.

All programs were designed for windows 2000 and XP. We did not run extensive tests on Windows 95 / 98 / ME. Until now no major problems have been reported on these operating systems.


The default installation will not overwrite your previous FCO-IM Casetool or Infagon version. Mutliple versions can co-exist on the same system. To install a version download the executable, start it and follow the instructions in the installation wizard.

Compatibility issues

  • Infagon v5.0 can read FCO-IM Casetool v4.1 and FCO-IM Casetool v4.0 files.
  • Infagon v5.0 cannot write FCO-IM Casetool v4.1 files. (The 32 bit conversion is not backwards compatible)
  • FCO-IM Casetool v4.1 cannot read Infagon v5.0 files. (Allways backup your existing projects)

Infagon 5.0

Infagon v5.0 - Filename: Infagon50.exe - Filesize: 2.46 MB

This installer includes the following modules:

  • Borland dBase 5.0 for Windows
  • Borland InterBase / Firebird SQL 6.x
  • Borland InterBase SQL 4.x
  • Borland Paradox 5.0 ObjectPAL
  • Ms SQL-Sever 6.0
  • Ms-Access 2.0
  • Ms-Access 7.0 / Ms-Access 95
  • Ms-Access 8.0 / Ms-Access 97
  • MySQL 5.0.3
  • Oracle 7
  • SQL'92
  • XML
  • IG Export (CSV) v1.3


Ms Access plugin's

Ms Access v9.0 / 2000 - Filename: - Filesize: 53 KB

Ms Access v10.0 / XP - Filename: - Filesize: 53 KB

Ms Access v11.0 / 2003 - Filename: - Filesize: 53 KB

To install: Extract the maccxx.0.dll from the zip file and copy this file to the module folder (Normally C:\Program Files\Infagon v5.0\Modules). The plugin will now be available from Infagon.

Note: Before executing the generated .bas file from Ms Access select the option 'References' from the 'Tools' or 'Extra' menu. Select the 'Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library' from the list and close the dialog.


Infagon 5.0 - Manual

The v5.0 manual is not yet available. The FCO-IM Casetool v4.1 manual describes all basic features.

English Manual - Filename: manual_us.pdf - Filesize: 764 KB

Infagon manual example files - Filename: Infagon50USLES.exe - Filesize: 367 KB

Dutch Manual - Filename: Manual_nl.pdf - Filesize: 777 KB

Dutch manual example files - Filename: Infagon50NLLES - Filesize: 372 KB


Infagon 5.0 - Book Examples

Examples for the Dutch book on FCO-IM "Volledig CommunicatiegeoriŽnteerde Informatiemodellering".

Book Examples - Filename: Infagon50NLBVB.exe - Filesize: 330 KB


Infagon 5.0 - BDE Repository Modules

This installation package includes the dBase and Paradox Repository Modules (export of the internal repository). The CSV (Comma Separated Value) module is included in the standard installation. The installation of this package requires the installation of the Borland database engine. This engine can be downloaded from the download section of the Borland site.

dBase and Paradox Repository Modules - Filename: Infagon50REP.exe - Filesize: 989 KB


Infagon 5.0 - Ansi C++ Generator (Experimental)

Experimental extension to generate C++ code from a grouped grammar.

C++ Generator and examples - Filename: Infagon50CPG.exe - Filesize: 601 KB